The Prayer Course is designed to help people go deeper in their relationship with God and to unlock the power of prayer in their lives. The aim is that over the course of 6 sessions, participants will get better at talking to God, better at listening to him and they’ll probably start seeing more miracles too. Not a bad use of six weeks. ‘Prayer is the essence of the spiritual life, without which all ministry loses its meaning. It is the fulfilment of The Great Commandment …’ – Henri Nouwen

Even Jesus’ small group once asked him something that got right to the heart of everything: ‘Lord,’ they said, ‘teach us to pray.’ Sometimes it can be difficult to admit our spiritual struggles but notice how he responded. Jesus didn’t rebuke the disciples for being unspiritual, nor did he make them feel small for their prayerlessness. In fact, it was in response to this simple acknowledgment of need that Jesus gave us the prayer that is prayed regularly by more than a third of the world’s population. If they hadn’t admitted their need that day by Galilee, we wouldn’t have ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ today.

The Prayer Course will be on Tuesdays @ 7.30 p.m. in the Coffee Bar.

The sessions will be as follows:

22nd May – Session 1: Adoration – Our Father in heaven

29th May – Session 2: Petition – Give us this day

5th June – Session 3: Intercession – Your Kingdom come

12th June – Session 4: Perseverance – Your will be done

19th June – Session 5: Listening – Our daily bread

26th June – Session 6: Warfare – Deliver is from evil