Following the demise of the original consultants, MCF Consulting Engineers, Consarc Design was appointed to prepare an amended scheme as required by the Belfast City Council Planning Department.

A revision of the design requirements added the provision of disabled toilet facilities and wheelchair space in the Church. Planning approval has been received and the estimated cost of the scheme established. A copy of the plan is available at the back of the Church.

The next step is to seek the approval of the Diocesan Council and the Representative Church Body following which final plans and specifications will be prepared to allow tenders to be sought.

The total works are estimated to cost £250K but implementation was always dependent on need and the availability of finance. The Select Vestry considers that access to the Church and Halls and the resolution of the traffic and pedestrian issues are more pressing at this time. Adopting a phased approach, the first stage will be all that has been approved by the City Council with the exception of the car parks. It is estimated that this will cost £150K. Whilst some monies are available from the Building Fund, the Select Vestry is considering how the balance will be raised.