What do you do with your old stamps?

TLM NI can turn your old stamps into cash that enables it to help those affected by leprosy. So far in 2019, it has raised over £2,300 through the sale of used stamps! Please don’t throw your envelopes in the bin. Tear off the stamps and donate them to TLM!

Printer Cartridges recycling is no more!

Due to changes in the recycling industry which came into force in April, there are now only very limited types of printer cartridges that the Leprosy Mission is able to recycle. As a result, it regretfully has decided to stop collecting cartridges from supporters.

TLM NI thanks you for your support in this endeavour in the past. Please do continue to recycle them – you can do this by taking them to your local recycling centre, or returning them to the shop in which you purchased them.

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