It was lovely to see everyone at our opening meeting and we all enjoyed a chance to ‘catch up’ on all our news . The baby competition gave most of us a problem but some of our members were excellent at spotting who the babies were. Our thanks to the ladies in the Committee for providing the lovely desserts for our supper – diets start next month ladies.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 7th November at 8pm, when the speaker will be Chris Sloan from Crime Prevention, PSNI and he will be speaking about the Scamwise NI campaign to keep people safe from scams.

In any year, most of us will be targeted with an attempt to scam us out of money. It follows that if you can spot a scam, you can stop it too. Scamwise NI seeks to equip people so that they can prevent scams and seek assistance if they become a victim of a scam. The Men’s Society will be joining us at this meeting and if any other parishioners wish to join us they would be very welcome.

Other dates for members to note are as follows:

23rd November 2019 @ 9.30am – 16 Days of Activism Prayer Breakfast, Millbrook Lodge

2nd December 2019 @ 8pm– Advent Carol Service, Bangor Abbey

Carol Bell, Secretary

Details of our Programme for 2019 /2020 are as follows:

5th December 2019 – Advent Supper
2nd January 2020 – ‘Count Our Blessings,’ Emerald McKnight – Bring & Buy Sale
4th January 2020 – Ladies’ Quiet Morning (10.00 am – 12.30 pm) – ‘Only one thing is needed…’ (Gillian Stevenson)
6th February 2020 – Annual Dinner
5th March 2020 – Overseas Night
2nd April 2020 – ‘Walking in Faith’, Olive Turkington
7th May 2020 – V’s Bees, Valentine Hodge
4th June 2020 – Annual Outing
1st October 2020 – Opening Service. – Triennial Elections
5th November 2020 – ‘Women’s Involvement in War’, Carol Walker
3rd December 2020 – Advent Supper

New members will be very welcome.