In the August update it was stated that Planning Approval and estimates of the cost of the scheme had been received. The Select Vestry then balanced the estimated cost of the project with available funds and decided that the project should be carried out in two phases.

Access to the Church, Halls and Grounds was considered to be the immediate priority and it was agreed that these works should form Stage 1 with the construction of the car parks following later.

The Select Vestry has prepared a submission to the Diocesan Council and the Representative Church Body (RCB) to seek approval to proceed with the scheme.

One of the requirements is that the Select Vestry must set out how the works will be funded. Stage 1 is estimated at £170,000 and, while some monies are available through the Building Fund, the balance will have to be raised by the Parish. To this end a number of grant sources are being investigated and a Gift Day is being considered. The fund-raising will be spread over a number of years.

Once Diocesan and RCB approval is received, it is intended that a meeting of parishioners will be held to explain the scheme in detail and to launch the fund-raising campaign.