At our November meeting, Chris Sloan from Crime Prevention, PSNI gave us an excellent, lively and informative talk on the Scamwise NI campaign . From the ‘cold calls’ we all get on a daily basis to serious internet fraud, Chris outlined the pitfalls to us and what we should do to avoid falling victim to scams.

SCAM test:

Seems too good to be true

Contacted out of the blue

Asked for personal details

Money is requested

For help and information or to report a Scam visit: You can also download a copy of The Little Book of Big Scams from this website.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 5th December at 8pm following the Advent Service. We will be hosting our annual Advent Supper and the choir will be leading us in singing Christmas Carols/songs.

Other dates for members to note are as follows:

2nd December 2019 – Diocesan Advent Carol Service , Bangor Abbey @ 8pm

4th January 2020 from 10am – 12.30 pm in the Huston Hall – Ladies’ Quiet Morning – Theme: ‘Only ONE thing is needed’ – led by Gillian Stevenson, Diocesan Lay Reader.