Like it or loathe it, statistics show that social media is an increasingly important way for churches to connect with people. Recent research carried out by our friends across the water in the Church of England showed that whilst physical church attendance in England has gradually fallen by between 10% and 20% over a ten year period, digital efforts are gaining traction, with monthly reach on social media doubling from 1.2 million in 2017 to 2.44 million in 2018.

You may have noticed some recent developments on the St. Finnian’s Facebook page as we work to evolve our own local community outreach through social media, and also to engage our parishioners in upcoming news and events, which is especially important for those who are physically unable to attend our services. Social media growth is something that takes time to nourish, but this is an area all digital users within the Church can actively help with!

Firstly, if you are a Facebook user and haven’t already done so, please like and follow the St. Finnian’s Facebook page.

Secondly, please support our page through regular engagement. Engagement can take the form of liking, sharing or commenting on posts and/or indicating your intention to attend events. This is critical to the development of our social media outreach, as it boosts our Facebook News Feed placement through the Facebook algorithm and also exposes our content to our audience’s extended network. Equally important, engaged content shows that our church audience is – engaged! This is particularly vital for anyone considering attending our church for the first time, as it is a shop window for how active, engaged and vibrant we are as a church community.

We appreciate that social media isn’t for everyone but, if you are a Facebook user, your help and support would be much appreciated.