The next meeting will be held on Thursday 26th March 2020 at 8.00pm.
(Note that this is the fourth Thursday in the month and is a change from the previously advertised date).

The Guest Speaker is Roddy Hegarty whose subject will be “St Patrick and Armagh’s Claim to Primacy in the Irish Church.”

For more than a millennium, Armagh has been regarded as the most important seat within the Irish Church, with St Patrick as its national patron. This fact has not only survived the reformation, but has sealed Armagh’s position as the primatial See of both the Anglican and Roman Catholic traditions. Patrick has become inseparable from Armagh.

Roddy’s talk will explore why this has come to be, and to show why this link remains so strong sixteen hundred years after the saint’s death. In the month in which we celebrate St Patrick’s Day, this talk is very appropriate, so to all members of the Men’s Society, please come along if you can.

A special invitation is also extended to the congregation to join our members for this occasion.