Welcome to Messy Church Online!

This year in Messy Church we’re thinking about HOPEHonesty, Overcoming Things, Perseverance and Endurance.

This time we’re focusing on the third letter ‘P’ – ‘Perseverance’.

This is a long word which just means to keep trying as hard as you can to get something done or to get better at doing something.

We’ll be thinking about the story of Noah, learning a bit about how he persevered to build the Ark just as God had told him and how it’s important for us to ask for God’s help, too.

God gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Songs, stories, videos, crafts and talk. They’re all on the playlist below!

For the crafts you will need …

  • Black felt tip
  • 2 toilet roll tubes
  • Sellotape / Pritt Stick
  • Coloured card yellow/orange, grey/purple/blue/ red/ green
  • 4 googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners (but can use coloured card)
  • A small box painted blue

And now for the activities. Have fun!

We would love to see your finished crafts. Take a photo and send it to our Facebook page or to the Messy Church Team at office.cregagh@down.anglican.org.