Film five: Speaking to other Christians about climate change

What are the ways in which we can engage in the climate change debate and gently point people to Jesus?

Questions to consider

  1. Katharine says we should not engage with the issue of climate change out of guilt because as Christians we believe we are freed from guilt. Did that make you realise that guilt plays a part in how you respond to climate change? How does the gospel alter this response?
  2. Are there times when we have tried to make other people feel guilty? What was their reaction? 
  3. How would it look to have climate change conversations born out of love with a) other Christians and b) non-Christians? 
  4. How can we empower people to act? Are there other skills or tools that they may require?
  5. Troubles help us learn not to give up because as Christians we have hope (Romans 5:3–5). How does that motivate you when it comes to the global issue of climate change?

Action to take

Will you commit to praying for a whole year for a breakthrough in the climate crisis? As we contemplate the climate crisis, it’s important that we keep our eyes fixed on God. He is the God of justice and restoration, who cares for the poor and is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. Make the commitment to pray for a year.