Pilates has arrived at St Finnian’s, and you may be asking yourself just what this is and what it involves. Simply put, it is a system of exercise designed by a man called Joseph Pilates, based on the premise that the key characteristic of a strong body is a flexible spine with a strong centre or core. The core is made up from the abdominal, hip and lower back muscles, beginning with the pelvic floor and reaching the diaphragm, and the exercises in Pilates involve the whole body with controlled integrated flowing movements working from the core outwards. Perhaps, more importantly, it is an exercise method that is suitable for people of all ages, stages and abilities – each exercise can be adjusted to suit individual needs and can be taught progressively. In Pilates, we don’t believe that pain does your body any good and you do not need to experience pain, or push through it, to achieve real results.

Much of modern life seems like an assault on our bodies and particularly our backs. More and more people are experiencing chronic lower back pain resulting from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and anyone who has spent several hours working on a laptop will testify to the impact this can have on your posture – a real pain in the neck! Pilates, with its focus on proper alignment of the spine and body awareness is a safe and effective way to counter this. 

Classes will be held between 7 and 8pm on Wednesday evenings in the Huston Hall, beginning on 20th October and require the minimum of equipment i.e. an exercise mat (don’t worry if you don’t have one – mats can be provided) and loose clothes such as tracksuit bottoms and t shirts that will allow freedom of movement (Lycra is not a pre-requisite!). The classes are provided as a service and participants are asked to make a donation of £3.00 per class with proceeds going towards church funds.

If you are interested and wish to take part or just find out more about Pilates, please contact John Waterworth by phone (+447941368546) or email at jcwworth@yahoo.co.uk