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Church Without Walls – 9th January

Making Your Words Count We’re preparing in our church to broadcast a service on BBC Radio Ulster this coming Sunday and it’s been quite an interesting exercise to prepare. It’s a great privilege to share your worship with a larger audience and you know all sorts of people will tune in from all sorts of […]

Church Without Walls – 2nd January

Leaving the Fragrance of Jesus Sometimes you come across a book that stops you in your tracks and changes the way you think. I had the experience of reading such a book in December. It was called ‘Gatecrashing.’ It was written by Brian Heasley and tells the story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza. If you […]

Church Without Walls – 19th December

A New Charging Port! One of the things which makes us pretty anxious in the modern age is when our phone starts to play up. For many of us it’s like a mobile office. Emails, messages, maps, internet browsing, phone numbers and contacts all available at the touch of a button. Not to mention the […]

Church Without Walls – 12th December

Don’t Miss the Holy Moments As the pace increases in the run up towards Christmas and we tend to live our lives at a hundred miles an hour, it’s easy to miss all sorts of things. As we strive to complete our work and ensure all the preparations are made, we tend to have tunnel […]

Church Without Walls – 5th December

Sprinkling the Magic Dust Growing up in the south of Ireland, one of the highlights of every year was the Late Late Toy Show. It’s normally broadcast on the last Friday in November, and tens of thousands of children around the country audition to get on the show to demonstrate some of the toys that […]

Church Without Walls – 28th November

Some Lessons from a Climbing Trip I spent last weekend in Southampton with our son who had qualified for a climbing competition. I always find there is lots to learn from the climbing community, so here are some of my takeaways. I learned how refreshingly brilliant it is to spend time with people who are […]