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Rector’s Letter – June 2024

Dear Friends, I recently had a phone call from someone I hadn’t spoken to in many years. We had grown up together and went to primary school together. We had gone to the same Boys’ Brigade company and played in football teams together and it was good to catch up a little as we spoke. […]

Announcing our Bible Week theme

Do plan to join us at the end of the summer for this year’s Bible Week with Bishop Stuart Bell. Stuart has entitled his teaching series, Tales of the Unexpected – A fresh look at four parables.  The parables are storiesfrom Jesus which “still cut into the soul, slice away our concealments and address the deepest needs […]

Church Without Walls – 21st May

Farewell to Jurgen, Planning for Succession There were emotional scenes at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club on Sunday past, as Jurgen Klopp took charge as manager for the last time. Liverpool beat Wolves in the last fixture of the season and many were in tears as they saluted the contribution of one of […]

General Church Maintenance – 25th May

The church premises require regular maintenance to keep them in good order, so it is an advantage to have a regular schedule for works both for buildings and grounds. This gives people an opportunity to volunteer a few hours each month to assist in the upkeep of our estate.  Accordingly, the last Saturday of each month is […]

Church Without Walls – 14th May

The Fabric of Our Lives Do you ever find yourself thinking about those people and places that are part of the fabric of our lives? For most of us the people and places we think about will be unique to us and to our circumstances. I found myself flicking through an old photograph album I […]

Vocation Sundays this month

Over the next three Sundays in the diocese, we’re inviting you to spend some time thinking about your God–given vocation.  Most of us will work out our vocation in our homes, families and places of work. Others may sense a call to full–time ministry in the Church. All are ways in which we uniquely contribute […]

Church Without Walls – 7th May

Going for Growth A social media post caught my eye earlier this week from the writer, theologian and pastor, Pete Greig. He observed some happenings in recent times which had encouraged him after 25 years of 24/7 Prayer, the prayer movement that he has been involved in leading across the globe. Last Friday in Hackney, […]

Grass Cutting in Church Grounds

Spring is here and we are now entering that time of year when regular grass cutting is needed in the church grounds. We presently have need of volunteers to operate our ride on lawn mower in order to keep the grounds in good order. If you are interested in helping the church in this activity, […]