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Church Without Walls – 27th February

Honouring People One of the beautiful ideas that lie at the heart of the Christian faith is that we were made in the image of God. If we believe it to be true, it should fundamentally impact how we seek to treat other people. If I am honest, and it’s not a nice thing to […]

Rector’s Letter – March 2024

Dear Friends, I wonder how the season of Lent sits with you? Do you look forward to this intentional period of 40 days for renewing and deepening your spiritual life or do you find it all a bit heavy and oppressive? All this talk of the cross and self-denial and going deeper with God sounds […]

Commissioning Service for Andrew and Joanne Quill

Andrew and Joanne Quill will soon leave their home and family in Northern Ireland to work in a church and community in South Sudan. Our church, along with 18 others, is committed to supporting them financially. We want to support them in prayer, too, as they undertake this work in a very different country and […]

Church Without Walls – 20th February

Some Lessons from a Service of Commissioning One of the goals of this blog is to demystify some of the things that happen at church services and events. The church where I work is located just off the outer ring in Belfast and is visible from the carriageway as people drive past every day. When […]

World Day of Prayer

The Christian women of Palestine have written this year’s service with the title, “I beg you, bear with one another in love.” A very poignant theme given recent events. Our local service will be held on Friday 1st March at 8.00 pm in Orangefield Presbyterian Church. It will be led by women from the various […]

Midweek Lenten Service

In our midweek Lenten services we will be thinking about some of the spirituality of that great saint, St. Benedict. St. Benedict of Nursia, who lived from 480-550, was an Italian monk who founded monasteries which exist up to the present day. They were centres of worship, prayer and learning, and places of welcome.

Introducing Bishop David’s upcoming Lent Series

Bishop David has recorded a series of evening devotions in Haggai to take us through the 40 days of Lent from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday.  He says: “Do please join me for 3–5 mins each evening in Lent to reflect on the so very relevant words of the prophet Haggai, spoken by him 2500 […]

Church Without Walls – 6th February

Kloppo, We Salute You The football world and, indeed, the news bulletins across the world, were thrown into shock on January 26th when Jurgen Klopp announced he would be standing down as Liverpool Football Club manager at the end of this season. As a Liverpool fan, I have watched his career with fascination and interest over […]