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Church Without Walls – 26 May

In praise of teachers I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for teachers. Perhaps it stems from coming from a family of them. My mother ran a preschool playgroup for many years. My Dad taught Maths in a local secondary school and both my brother and I spent some time as teachers. He […]

‘How to NOT go to School’ by Mike Forde

Primary school teacher, Mike Forde, who grew up in the rectory of St Cedma’s, Larne, where his father Stephen, now Dean of Belfast, was rector, has published a new book to support children in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Mike, who now lives in Lancaster, where he teaches P4/5 at Ingleton Primary School, penned […]

Three reasons why right now is the best time to share your faith

“The coronavirus pandemic is an unexpected and unprecedented opportunity to share Jesus with our friends,” says Phil Knox, head of mission to young adults at the Evangelical Alliance. I don’t know about you, but I keep finding myself wondering if it is all a dream. Two factors in particular make this extraordinary season seem all […]

‘God’s Smuggler’ – the story of Brother Andrew – free copy

ORDER YOUR FREE COPY OF GOD’S SMUGGLER Sixty years ago a young Dutchman was inspired to smuggle Bibles into Communist Eastern Europe. It was the start of a great adventure. God’s Smuggler is the best-selling story of Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors. In the dark days of the Cold War and the rise of […]

Church Without Walls – 23 May

Try Things So these arrived by courier the other day and, as soon as the wind subsides a little, I hope to get them mounted on the church railings along the dual carriageway. It’s a banner that simply says ‘try praying’ and, beside it, there will be a Perspex box with some booklets. It’s aimed […]

Thank you from Fields of Life

Dear friends, Thank you!  Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your fundraising, thank you for your donations. Through your amazing support, we have received over £125’000, helping us protect and care for tens of thousands of vulnerable people struggling through this pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. We understand that not everyone has been able to give financially at this […]

Rector’s Letter – June 2020

Dear Friends, I hope that, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you continue to be safe during the current pandemic. There are many difficult aspects to being in lockdown. We miss our family and friends. We miss the regular activities we take part in, not least attending church, if that has been our […]

June 2020 Magazine

This month’s magazine contains further devotional resources for theCoronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.