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Church Without Walls – 23 May

Try Things So these arrived by courier the other day and, as soon as the wind subsides a little, I hope to get them mounted on the church railings along the dual carriageway. It’s a banner that simply says ‘try praying’ and, beside it, there will be a Perspex box with some booklets. It’s aimed […]

Church Without Walls – 19 May

Mind your language! I wonder if you have ever been overheard saying something you wish you hadn’t said? As a schoolboy, many years ago, I was running over to join the queue for dinner. I took a look through the window and whatever was on people’s plates didn’t meet with my approval. With my nose pressed to the glass […]

Church Without Walls – 16 May

God of Surprises One of the things that becomes more obvious to me as I think about the ‘church without walls’ is that the church, as we know it, will be no more. That may sound a very sad and painful thing to those, who like me, have grown up with and loved a particular model of […]

Church Without Walls – 12 May

Sharing our story I love to read and one of my favourite genres is biography and autobiography. I don’t mind if it’s sports figures, politicians, musicians, celebrities or brain surgeons, I find people’s lives and experiences extremely interesting. I recently read the autobiography of Nadiya Hussain, the author, TV Bake Off winner and celebrity cook. […]

Church Without Walls – 8 May

The blessing of unity A friend and former colleague, the Reverend Elizabeth Hanna, celebrated a special birthday recently and, in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, she spoke of how when she was growing up the word ‘hate ‘ wasn’t allowed in her vocabulary and how she is saddened by bitterness and intolerance. It was […]

Church Without Walls – 5 May

A little bit of nostalgia or can too much be a bad thing? I got involved in an online conversation recently in which an old school friend had been asked to post album covers of 10 Albums that had shaped her musical taste over the years. Her first choice, an album recorded by Simon and […]

Church Without Walls – 2 May

Happy Birthday Colonel Tom: For such a time as this The name on everyone’s lips this week, as he celebrated his 100th birthday on Thursday past, is Captain Tom Moore (now Colonel Tom Moore). From personalised messages from Her Majesty the Queen, to the Prime Minister, from RAF flybys to leading figures in the military, sporting and entertainment worlds, everyone […]

Church Without Walls – 28 April

A big announcement and some reflections on our first digital Holy Week and Easter Our big news today is the introduction of a new dial up service for those who are not connected to the internet. If you ring this number – 02893 447225 and wait about 15 seconds, you can hear a recording of […]

Church Without Walls – 25 April

Who are you doing it for? A few weeks ago before Easter, the first picture in today’s blog caught my attention on social media. It showed a table laden with home baking parcels made for the vulnerable and those living in isolation in my former parishes of Kilmore and Inch. I thought it was a […]

Church Without Walls – 21 April

When things don’t go according to plan One of the things I have noticed in these strange times is how tasks seem to take much longer to complete. Having to do many more things online and the challenge of technology tends to increase the time spent in front of a screen. I’ve noticed ink cartridges […]