In September we were advised that some of the children who have joined Sunday School have a nut allergy. Following discussions with their parents it was decided to inform the Select Vestry who agreed the following Policy at their meeting in January 2022.

This Policy applies to all groups and church premises. It aims to reduce the risk to those children and adults using the church halls who may have an anaphylactic reaction if exposed to nuts to which they are sensitive. We therefore request that NO ONE should bring any of the following items into the church halls.

• Packets of nuts
• Peanut butter sandwiches
• Fruit and nut cereal bars that contain nuts
• Chocolates or sweets that contain nuts
• Sesame seed rolls/ biscuits
• Cakes or biscuits made with nuts

We ask hall users to check biscuit labels for traces of nuts and to take particular care with large boxes of chocolate sweets of mixed variety.

Recognising Symptoms of Anaphylactic shock

A person who has a nut allergy and comes into contact with a nut product may quickly become unwell and start to feel dizzy or faint. They may start to have difficulty breathing or start to wheeze. Some people develop itchy skin or sore eyes. The symptoms may be mild but in some people a very serious reaction may occur which needs immediate treatment.


The usual treatment is to use an EpiPen as soon as possible.


If you or your child has a nut allergy please let the leader of your group know so that this may be recorded and also whether you carry an EpiPen with you.

Hand hygiene

Please encourage everyone to wash their hands before handling food and before eating.

11th January 2022